Monday, May 16, 2011

One of Those Mothers

I forgot I wrote a post late last night and set it to auto post, so I have two in one day because I'm feeling mouthy lol.
My son plays soccer. He has ever since he was old enough to be on a team and he loves it. His first coach was good--easygoing but ran them through drills and always showed up (I have since learned not to take that for granted, though it does seem pretty basic). His second coach was phenomenal (poor kids never been on the same team twice), he taught the kids so much about working as a team, how the game is played, sportsmanship, and really helped them improve their game. This last coach? Well he sucks ass and his wife is a bitch (judgment is a human trait remember, and I gots it bad lol). The man hardly ever shows up to practice or games, gives no notice that he isn't going to be there, and has done nothing to help improve the kids skills (in fact, another parent who actually knows how to play got mad at him because, well, he doesn't know how to).
His wife got mad because we did the team pictures on a day he didn't bother to show up. Actually, she got mad at a lady who was about 8 months pregnant. I thought we were going to have to scrape her off the field and hope her insurance covered attacks by rabidly pissed off pregnant women (not that I would have objected or anything...'cuz maybe I'm not so kind at heart).
After the last practice without a coach I got mad. Yea, big surprise, lil lost her temper. sigh. Anyways, I sent a pissed off polite email off to the president of the league detailing my issues with the coach and demanding  requesting a written guarantee that my son never be coached by him again. I still haven't gotten a response lol.

But really, some of these kids absolutely love the game and have great potential. Potential that is being squandered. I don't pay for it because I love hauling my ass out of bed at 6:00 every Saturday, or so my kid can go and not learn a damn thing while being continually disappointed--I pay for it because he's dedicated, he loves it, and he's got potential to be quite good.

I'm thinking a letter to the editor of the local news might be pushing it a bit?


  1. No it's not pushing it! You are being far too kind, all of the parents are if this fellow and his bitch are still around. Sometimes having a coach that doesn't know the game works is okay if they show up every day and work from a book about drills and things... you know, try. BUT you guys pay money for someone to help your kids develop in this sport and what he is doing is just unacceptable and look at me ready to tear his head off and I don't even like soccer haha. I think doing anything and everything you can to make sure this guy is not allowed to coach (waste parents/kids time/money) anymore in your community.

  2. The green font looks really good but the dark red is really hard to read. :( It sucks cause I thought the font you had last night was SO pretty, just unfortunately a little illegible...But it was pretty!

    Anyway, I know sports teams for kids are very expensive it seems like this guy is just wasting everyone's money and not helping the kids at all.

  3. lil,

    I'm sure that is very frustrating and it's good that you complained to the league so they will not use him as a coach again. That's a dangerous situation because sometimes parents just drop kids off assuming the coach will be there (not smart, but still they do).

    My Husband had an assistant coach quit on his team this year, halfway through the season because his son felt he wasn't good enough at the sport and wanted to quit the team. I though this was such a bad example on the Dad's part.

    Hope your son gets the super good coach next season!


  4. Naida, lol, you're awesome. Like you said, people should at least TRY right??

    Mockingbird, Yea, I thought about ditching the dark red, but I Did get rid of the illegible font, so, personally I'm willing to squint a bit for my compromise lol.

    Serenity, Right? I pull a lot of fanagling to make sure he never has to get dropped off and someone is there with him because I work during practices.
    And it is a terrible example--kids are supposed to be learning about teamwork and dedication, having fun And bettering themselves. It's a terrible example when an adult refuses to exhibit half the character that a bunch of kids can display.


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