Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A successful Morning

 This will most likely be completely boring for the rest of the world...But it was great for me lol.

After experiencing the luxury of sleeping all night in my very own big girl bed, I continued the theme. It wasn't exactly in line with my grand design of accomplishing a shitload of stuff for the day, but hey, I was on a roll.

While I made the odd mixture for my hair the kids fluttered around offering opinions--"are you making dinner? You're not really going to put that on your hair are you mom?? Hey, you said we were almost out of eggs (in their defense, it did look suspiciously like something you throw in a skillet. And if there's one thing they know about mom, it's that she does Not waste food.), eww your hair is Ickyyyyy."
When I decided to go all out and began macerating up herbs for my face, they began thinking mom had really gone off the deep end. I was asked again if I was making dinner, then I was informed that my face was "very very icky mom."
When I proceeded to lie down on the couch with my feet up? They knew something was really wrong with me.
In fact, the little one assured me that I was going to be okay...while attempting to stab me repeatedly with a pencil.

Then I washed out the mess and started to cut my hair. And my beloved offspring scattered like flies.

All around, I would say that I had a very successful, if somewhat unproductive, morning.


  1. OMG you cut your hair? You have a flowbee??
    I need more details lol.

    But I am loving that you continued to do nothing after having your miracle's :D

  2. I have a what??
    Yea, it lasted for about an hour and a half. Totally awesome lol.


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