Thursday, March 22, 2012


We were standing in the kitchen and Alpha had me in one of those embraces, the kind where nothing in the world exists outside of our little circle. And I wondered, could it be that letting go is as simple as this?

Because in those moments, there is nothing. Just us. His arms wrapped around me, my head on his chest, his breath in my ears. There is no gaggle of thoughts flying madly around my mind, no doubt, no worry, just him and I.

With that embrace he blocks out the world, quiets my mind, and stills the endless doubts and possibilities that are my constant companions. When he lets go, it all comes swirling slowly back in. But in that moment?

There is perfection in peace.


  1. Yeah, I love it! I want to bottle up the moment and pour it back in my head a couple hours later when chaos is back.

  2. You have just described what every man wants to be for his woman. Thank you.

    Mr. No Name

  3. Those times are the best lil...simply the best!


  4. Its those moments when nothing else matters.

    tori x

  5. The simple power of the closeness of a cuddle. It makes everything else seem insignificant in comparison in those moments eh.

    Dee x

  6. Yes.

    " those moments, there is nothing. Just us."

    And those are the right words, but they don't quite do it justice.


  7. So simple, so sweet, perfection :)

  8. Susie, ooh, good idea--bottled goodness for all occasions!

    Mr. No Name, thank you and you are quite welcome.

    mouse, I agree, they really are.

    painspleasure, that's one of the things that makes them so wonderful isn't it.

    Dee, oh yes. Evry other moment no matter what it is becomes worth it just for the ones like this.

    aisha, are there really any words that do it justice? Words seem so...Flat, sometimes.

    Heather, thank you.

    faerie, sometimes the simplest things really are the best eh.

  9. Aren't them embraces wonderful

  10. I think it is that simple but made complex by balancing with other parts of life (especially kids in our cases I would bet).

    1. viemora, that's a great point--in itself it is simple. When we merge with the reality of kids and the rest of life (okay, yea, kids is a biggie), that is when it becomes more complex. I hadn't really looked at it like that. Thank you for the thoughts.


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