Monday, March 5, 2012

A Question With Too Many Answers

So Michael Samadhi asked "why?" Which made me think of the kids and all those basic questions they ask that turn out to be really difficult to answer.

First I thought, "why what???"
Then I thought, "why not?"

And it occurred to me that this question is a bit like being given a math problem without a formula--it's easy when you have the correct formula, you follow the steps in order, and voila, there's your answer.
Now if you don't know the formula, you can still possibly find the correct answer, but your margin of error is going to be vast.

"Why" by itself is a bit like a math problem without a formula. Except I think that as opposed to coming to many wrong answers, it is possible that there are no wrong answers.


Because we are human, and we are always searching for solutions. Sometimes though, the question is more important than the answer.

So why not?


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    1. Conina, ooh, what's not to love about that one?

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    1. Jz, lol. My favorite to say, least favorite to hear. A classic.

  3. Totally LOVE Jz's reply.


    1. mouse, I think you posted this just as I was replying to her comment lol. Yea me 2. It really was the obvious answer. How did I miss that?

  4. lil,
    My second year philosophy course in University was based on numerous questions about existence and the like. On the day of my final exam I was nervous and a little tired at the mere idea of all the writing I would have to do when answering the questions I thought would be on my exam. Much to my surprise when I opened the booklet the only question was, "Why"? As I looked around the room, observing the 99 other students frantically moving pen against paper I could not help but smile. Carefully and very slowly I replied with "why not" and as I rose from my desk I felt all eyes watching as I walked to my professor. We exchanged knowing looks and without blinking an eye I left knowing I had aced the exam. And I did.

    The answer of "why not" seems too simple but it really is that easy.
    What a great question.


    1. goodgirl, in a classroom setting, I would have probably been one of those 99 students obsessively over thinking the whole thing and not coming up with the "why not."
      I must admit to being a bit curious about the kind of answer Michael was looking for here, but ultimately "why not" was the most simplistic and answer I could arrive at.

  5. When my kids bug "why?" I answer calmly "Z" and walk away.

    1. viemora, lol. Sounds reasonable to me.


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