Thursday, November 15, 2012

Formspring #13, Playtime...And Other Random Goodies

 Since I have a problem staying on track, and my brain is currently imploding for the second day in a row, I dunno where this is going to go...

"Lil, how do you manage to play with children in the house, some things just can't be done quietly."

I suppose that if one had a large house, this wouldn't be much of an issue. We don't. So it is.

Quite simply, we avoid certain things except for the 2-3 times a year my mother watches the kids. Slavery is so sexy and hot right? Lol.
Then all bets are off and if the neighbors didn't hate me so much, they'd probably call the cops.

Sometimes we put them to bed with the stereo on and turn it up a bit after they go to sleep. That and ripping pieces out of a pillow with my teeth seem to be somewhat effective methods of noise control.
There's actually quite a lot that you can get away with...

I think that this is one of the reasons our encounters usually tend more towards the mental aspects (that and it was a natural progression for us I guess).


In other completely unrelated news, it's almost time for the Third Annual Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza! It is organized by the lovely Jz, and she has set the date for December 6th. If you have a recipe and want to participate, make sure to send her your name and blog URL by December 4th--that way she can put you on the link list for December 6th posting.
Stop by her blog for the full story and contact information. It's really lots of fun--where else are we going to get secret family recipes to add to our repertoire?
Alpha accused me of giving away secret information when I told him what recipe I wanted to do this year lol.

If anyone wants to participate but doesn't have a blog of their own, I'll be happy to post their recipe here on the 6th when I post mine (just email it to me ahead of time). I promise that I won't even steal all the credit for it. 
One can never have too many recipes for goodies.

I'll mention it again closer to the actual date.

Now my imploding head and I are going to go contemplate all of that cleaning I had planned for today...Plans are good right?


  1. Want to come over here and clean up a couple of things for me. LOL

    1. sunnygirl,
      Nooooooooooooo. Um, not really...Lol.

  2. Oooo. I am going to participate, I LOVE sharing recipes! <3

    1. HisLilAngel,
      Awesome! It really is loads of fun.

  3. plans are ALWAYS good... so are lists. Lists make me feel accomplished :)

    1. Fondles,
      Ooh, I love lists! Now if only I could keep track of them...

  4. Replies
    1. Toni,
      They'll be posted by numerous blogs on the sixth. So unfortunately, we do have to wait a bit...But it will still be lots of fun.

      The details on participating and dates are here:


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