Friday, November 2, 2012

Submission as an Art Form

I while back, I read a post over on Kitty's blog, about the art of submission and other things (hi Kitty). But what got me going was the concept of submission as an art.

Ooh look...Butterflies...

I think of Dominance as an art, and Dominant as a state of being--who someone is.

So if Dominance is an art, why wouldn't submission also be an art?

Submissive is a part of who I am as a person.
Submission is a product of being submissive and fulfills a mutual need--my need to submit and his need to Dominate.

The dictionary gave me exactly what I was looking for (yes I'm looking basic stuff up again. Jellyfish taught me that it's a wise course of action).
Art is:
2. The exercise of human skill (as distinguished from nature).
5. excellence or aesthetic merit of conception or execution as exemplified by such works.
Okay, so I'm not sure I entirely understood the second definition the first time or two I read it lol.

So in theory (ahem), submission as an expression of being submissive is very much an art. 
Regardless of whether we come crawling nicely on our knees, need to be conquered along the way, or weave our way back and forth between the two on our way to surrender.

I think that it's an art that is more about dedication than skill (see, I don't look bad if I put it like that lol). We fall, get back up, and do it all over again.
Each time, we refine our rise and fall just a little bit more.

Raw talent can create incredible art (I'm very good at stick figures), but to learn an art takes time. Often, years go into developing and refining the ability to create something beautiful.

Kneeling is an art (if you think it's not, you have very good knees. I don't), learning what pleases someone is an art, giving a blowjob is an art, sometimes holding your tongue is even an art. There's a long list that takes on many forms. 

The quality and value of our art is judged, not by its viewers and level of perfection, but by the ones we submit to. And as is the case with all art, the art of submission takes many forms, yet exists to please it's owner.


  1. OOh i liked this, i do think a lot of elements of submission are learned, im really a sceptic of the 'born or natural submissive' train of thought..but thats a whole different topic so i wont go there.

    As with any form of art it takes practice but more so passion and a dedication, its not about perfection as such but about being the best we can for not just ourselves but our dominants.


    1. tori,
      Glad you liked it.
      I do think that I try harder to be my best with him as my Dominant. I think it's always good to be your best for yourself, but I find it a bit easier to be for him. Not sure that made a whole lot of sense...

  2. Hi lil (waves back) - I love this as well... I have just been thinking that I need to cultivate an air of calmness around me. That it would help with the art part. Submission has to be not on your terms. Which is maddening to me, but part of the gig, I think.

    Great post!

    1. Kitty,
      Thank you, and thanks for the inspiration.
      When you begin cultivating that air of calmness, please do share your secret on how you do it.

      I think that submission is very much about not doing it on your terms. Of course, knowing that doesn't make it easier to follow through with...

  3. It is serendipitous that you would write this topic. Sin and I just had a little conversation about the exact same thing, submission as Art in context with the natural vs. learned sub thing.

    I can draw, but it is a natural talent, and I'm very good.My friend on the other hand is also very good at it, but it isn't her natural talent, she has worked at it very hard for many years. I'm an artist, because that is what I am, she's an Artist, because she intended to be. In my view, the ability to artfully express submission, when it isn't a natural talent, makes that submission even more precious just by dint of intention. Did that make sense? If not, my only excuse is that I've only had one cup of coffee.

    1. monkey,
      I can't draw at all. Thus above reference to stick figures lol.
      Yes, you made sense. And only one cup of coffee! I'm impressed.

  4. I read the title to this on my blog roll too quickly. Could not imagine what submission had to do with an "ant farm". The art form thing I agree totally. And, like art, we can all appreciate a lot of different forms, but it is still a highly individual thing.

    1. gg,
      LOL. After reading this comment, I tried to figure out a way to work "submission as an ant farm" into a sentence...No luck.

      I like the analogy because both concepts are so individual.

  5. Haha greengirl, I do stuff like that all the time & say - Huh??

    I would agree that it's am art form. As with any art it must be practiced and refined. And as greengirl said, there are many different ways to express it. Extraordinarily good analysis.

    1. June,
      I do it too lol.

      The concepts do go together quite well don't they...

  6. It's a beautiful thought.
    Even if it does simply point out another Epic Fail for Jz...

    1. Jz,
      my bad--it was supposed to highlight my personal learning disabilities (stick figures are not art--even in metaphor. Apparently).

      An epic fail today, could be the million dollar art piece of the future! Though, patience is an acquired virtue that I'm still looking for...

  7. as usual i love your writing. this was beautifully written.
    thanks for sharing.


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