Saturday, November 10, 2012

Keeping Up My End of the LOL Day Bribe Part I

I got three questions/thoughts. I'll give the short answers first, then I'll tackle the big one tomorrow.
It seemed entirely to cheap to put them all in one post lol.
The third one (in all fairness, it was probably first in line), actually requires some thought, so I would like to at least make an attempt to do it justice.

Joolz asked if there is as much snow where I live as currently appears on my blog.
Not yet! Though we are due for it tonight apparently. Right now it's just busy raining on my uncovered wood pile...
Chances are, my blog will acquire a warmer appearance as soon as there's a foot of snow in the yard lol.

ancilla_ksst asked what Alpha and I think about sharing/playing with others.
I think that I pretty much covered that here. Then I expanded on it here because it got a lot more attention than I had anticipated lol.
The short version is that its not something we do, but we have thought of it as a possibility/option. So it's not something we wouldn't do.
I may have had a touch too much coffee again...
Feel free to come back and harass me if those posts didn't cover it to your satisfaction!


  1. you know the thing about playing with others? I'm just thrilled with the thought of it, but i think it will only ever be an academic exercise... it scares me a little more than it excites me. so as long as the scales are tipped that way, i think we'll be just a twosome. :)

    1. Fondles,
      Oh yes--the thought is totally hot right? But then you put it in the perspective of an actual event...

  2. Thank you for posting those links. I have a different take on the whole thing. I do not feel possessive of him in some senses, and yet, if he loved someone else, I would be very jealous. If it just play and sex, that doesn't bother me. It makes me kind of hot to watch, actually.
    My Master, like yours, asks me to find him a girl. In theory, yes, fine, find him a girl. But this is not like running down to the super market and picking one up. This is real people we are dealing with here, not cartoon fantasy people, which he knows and I know, so his asking me to find him a girl is really just a way to poke at me, a little sadistic teasing nudge, ya know?

    1. ancilla,
      sorry for answering your question in the form of links--the topic just really ran away from me and it was hard to put it in perspective for everyone (many seemed to feel that it was all a much bigger deal than I did), so I was kind of glad when the topic faded into my archives lol.

      I'm usually fine with the theory...Theories are so much easier!

      And yea, I'm quite familiar with the sadistic teasing nudges lol.


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