Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Second Half of Liebster

So ancilla had some questions that I thought were very good...A few of them just got the squirm/denial factor of my mind going full force, so I decided to put my answers to her in a post of its own. And I'll do 11 more facts about us.
Sorry that this ended up posting on Thanksgiving ancilla. Thank you for thinking of me!

1. "When did you realize you were 'kinky,' if ever?"
Six or seven years ago in a yahoo chat room when a Dominant approached me I guess. At that time it was more of a game than anything else. The realization hit home when Alpha caught me and decided that if I wanted to play, it would be with him and him alone. And it wouldn't be a game.

2. "What is your favorite fantasy?"
 Now who doesn't do easy questions? Sigh.
Begging to suck another man's cock while Alpha fucks me. And getting permission after sufficient begging and humiliation.

3. "What is the fantasy that you wish would get out of your head, but keeps coming back, if there is one?"
Oh for fucks sake! *Squirms down in her chair and tries to disappear.*
I guess it would have to be being caged and used against my will then rescued.
I have a valid hypothesis as to why that one won't go away...

4. "Where do you feel most at home?"
My first response would be the valley I grew up in where I still live. But it doesn't feel very much like home when Alpha is away, so I'm going with wherever he is.

5. "What do you most want from the person you are with, whether that is a partner/Dom/sub/slave/Master?"
Do I have to pick one thing? Foremost I would say control. Of course, there's love, loyalty, truth, and trust too...As Alpha would say, "I want it all baby."

6. "Why do you write a blog?"
I'm a (mostly) shameless addict, and I enjoy the interaction it allows me to have with others...
Sometimes to tell Alpha the things I can't bring my mouth to say, sometimes because getting the thoughts out of my head and quiet the noise, sometimes to make sense of things that I am trying to understand.
I suppose it depends on the day...

7. "What is your favorite TV show?"
Oh I dunno...Could I go for an unlikely pair and say The Middle and Walking Dead?

8. "Favorite desert?"
Anything with coffee or chocolate. Preferably both.

9. "Favorite time of day?"
Believe it or not, early morning just as the sun begins to light up the sky.

10. "Do you believe in God/ are you a spiritual person?"
I do consider myself to be a spiritual person. I don't know that it would be correct to say that I believe in "God" though. Religiously I have always identified as Pagan. I feel that, while she might not be gentle in the use of her own, the Mother has always done right by me.
Overall I would have to say that I believe all Gods/Goddesses are one and the same--we simply give them names and meanings that are easiest for us to comprehend and identify with.
It is the intent behind our prayers that matter. Not the name and face we choose to give that which we believe in.

11. "What is your favorite sexual position?"
This question shouldn't be complicated should it?
Ass up, face down, with his hand on my back. Given my physical limitations, on my back with him beside me is the surest way for me to enjoy myself though.

Now, in a moment of insanity, I did say that I would come up with 11 more random things about Alpha/us didn't I?

1. We always disagree about who finished the coffee--it's become a daily tradition. Only problem is...I never win.

2. He is positively gorgeous dressed in black (yes I'm biased, and yes it's still true).

3. At full height, Alpha is 9 inches taller than me.

4. Few things are sweeter than watching him hunkered down in a group of small children.

5. I'm asthmatic and Alpha pays very close attention when depriving me of air. Though he says that being choked makes me wet--like pushing some magic button. I'll neither deny or admit to that.

6. He tells me that I can do anything he says I can do. Oddly enough, I believe him.

7. He seems to believe that laundry baskets are for decorative purposes only. I have spent fourteen years trying to persuade him to see the error of his ways--to no avail.

8. He can start a fire without paper or a lighter in the time it takes me to walk to the bathroom.

9. There was an impressive display of lightning and thunder on our wedding day. Some said the Gods gave us their blessing, or maybe complained--but either way, they were watching.

10. Alpha always believes me when I say that the car made funny sounds when I was driving--even if they don't happen while he's in it.

11. He rarely does it, but Alpha is a very good cook. Though the obscene mess he usually leaves in the kitchen makes me cringe...


  1. Wow, this is quite a different Thanksgiving post than the typical, "Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!" Interesting stuff, lil, and I appreciate how you answer even the questions that make you cringe. Hope your holiday is a good one!

    1. Jake,
      Thank you.
      It was an uneventful day--polished off a book. Going to do our dinner tomorrow.

  2. Hi, Lil. I've seen you around blogland, and decided to follow you when I started my blog this week. Your today's post was showing at the top of my list when I started making my rounds to wish people Happy Thanksgiving, or Happy Thursday if they aren't in the U.S., so I thought I would take this opportunity to say hello and, well, Happy Thanksgiving!

    I LOVE your outer border background, btw - absolutely beautiful. I am a snow hound.

    A quick look at this post (great answers!), your blog roll and tags tells me you are more advanced ("out there" - what word/phrase do I want here, so I don't sound rude or stupid?) than I am/we are, yet we've discussed and/or engaged in some of what little I've seen and read here.

    You're welcome to stop by my blog if you want, but I don't expect a reciprocating "follow." I'm not altogether certain the direction it will take. I'm just going to let it develop on its own, see where it goes. Still, I'm sure it will be rather tame (lame?!) in comparison to yours. Just giving you heads up, in case your time is really limited.

    Enough chatty "hello" from me. Enjoy your day!


    1. Irishey,
      I hope you enjoy having your own little corner!
      I think I'm making a new record with this background--it's been the same for weeks! It changes a lot lol.

  3. lil: Really enjoyed this.
    Loved your reply to number 10 and your fact on number 9.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    1. Bleuame,
      Thank you!
      The lady who performed the ceremony was afraid of the lightning...She moved us back up under the porch behind us in two seconds flat--She just moved forwards so fast, we had no choice but to retreat lol.

  4. Lil, you notice when the car makes funny noises?
    That's cool!
    Here, I usually tell Lisa that it makes noises it shouldn't make.
    Her reaction is always the same:
    Don't hear anything. It drives, doesn't it? Where are you blabbering about!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Bas,
      I do notice it! And I even check when the "check engine" light comes on--I check and the engines always still there. Nice right? Lol.
      Thank you.

  5. thanks for sharing. it was lovely to read about you and Alpha... and he sounds divine!

    1. Fondles,
      thank you! Funny thing...He grinned at this comment, I blushed. Seems like the reactions should have been opposite there...

  6. Love the questions, love your answers! And FYI, after reading your response to #10, I am now on a Libana* kick.

    *Pagan musical artist group

  7. "The realization hit home when Alpha caught me and decided that if I wanted to play, it would be with him and him alone. And it wouldn't be a game."

    Wow, that is just the best answer I have heard to that question.

  8. On #8, he does use a match right?

    1. ancilla,
      It's not an easy answer to give!
      #8 not in the morning--he swears there's enough coals left from the night before...It's a theory that has never worked for me though lol.

  9. This was awesome, thanks for sharing!!

  10. Replies
    1. Yuna,
      it's more endearing before I have o clean it up lol.


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