Monday, November 28, 2011


I haven't worn my collar for some time now. Actually, I have two and my skin decided it was going to react to both of them, so it's been collarless for me.

Last night Alpha put me in the collar we only use for play--I have a different sense of style, so no one has ever questioned the leather collar an o ring, but this one only a teenager who had no clue could pull off wearing in public lol.
And the instant it closed around my neck, I realized how very much I miss my collar.

It's like a wedding ring--I am his with or without it. It does not define our relationship. It is merely a symbol of our arrangement. A special trinket that has meaning because of the importance we place on it.

But I miss it something terrible. And I asked him to put my collar on when he took the other one off. And I'll wear it until my skin rebels again. Because I love how it makes me feel.


  1. *smiles*
    So nice to see honest submission.
    Sometimes the physical reminders can be the most hard hitting


  2. It's such a shame you can't wear your collar when the symbolism of it means so much to you. And now it's freaked me right out because I think it must be a very special item to wear and display and I can see why you want to wear it so much!

    Dee x

  3. Have you tried to find a collar that doesn't irritate your skin?


  4. lil,
    It is an odd thing, isn't it? Symbols can be incredibly powerful, if we let them. There is so damn much conditioning involved in this whole thing. I should be fighting it tooth and nail - but i happily sign up for the next step, and the next, and the next?

  5. Hope you can find a collar that your skin doesn't rebel against. Earlier this year I had to go a few weeks without wearing my collar so much, since it was the first, so we had gone for the sexy looks rather than comfort on wearing it. And since I have joints and neckproblems, the sexy collar turned out to strain too much on my neck. I missed the feeling of having it on, even tough it hurt while we were searching for a better option.

  6. Only His,
    thank you. And it is a bit amazing what those tiny physical things can do.

    neither is fancy or anything, but I do feel more strongly aout them than most of my "nicer" jewelry.

    Florida Dom,
    so far we have tried leather and stainless steel. I am hesitant to try anything more expesive that may cause the same kind of reaction. Silver is the only thing my skin never rebels against and I have'nt seen anything suitable in that particular metal.

    Right? You see it happening and part of you goes "this is really objectionable," but the bigger part says "oh yes!" In retrospect it might have been good for me have to be without for a while--I have this habit of fiddling with it especially when I am thinking (which is pretty much always), or nervous. I had several freakouts after leaving the house for the first couple of weeks lol.

    ponderous pet,
    I hope hope so too.
    At least you were able to find one that worked for you!

    it's a pain huh.

  7. I feel horribly empty without my collar.

  8. viemora, it's a terribly empty and naked feeling isn't it.


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