Friday, November 18, 2011

Rant/Whine/Eh Fuck It

I like to respond to comments whenever I put up a new post. And my last post had interesting ones--I want to respond to them all. But not tonight.
Tonight I would like to leave real thought in the dust, walk off without my sense of humor and just bitch.

You will find a list of things worth reading over to the right lol.

Seriously, I think my sense of humor is broken. Or lost. Maybe there's a lost and found box somewhere. And my humor is hiding in the bottom, waiting to be scraped out.

My car broke down and is going to cost an outrageous amount of money to fix. No car equals no applying for positions now opening because of the season. No job means no money, means no fixing things. Nearby bridge? Specifically one close enough to walk to please. Alpha refuses to chauffeur me anywhere besides to the doctor.

My kid.
Dear green freakin Goddess above has he been awful this week. I want to beat him. Alpha wants to beat him. So normally we would settle on the usual compromise--punish the kid, beat me. But when the tantrum lasts into the night? Well, sleeping Doms apparently do not dole out beatings. And hey, I'm actually okay with that because I'm on a major bitch binge. The kind where statements like, "grabbing implements out of my hands is against the rules!" are sure to be necessary.

My mom.
Seriously, the woman looks like she found my bridge and is getting way to close to the edge. The root of the matter is her dog is dying of old age. My dad's dog. Her last constant companion besides a few psychotic cats. And that's sad.

My husband.
Asleep but awake enough to bitch me out for yelling at the kids.
If I made the rules around here...!
Ironically, something like that is generally the last little straw. The one final heaping of shit that just puts me over the edge. Silly perhaps because He's not even going to remember it in the morning.
Still, one of the biggest advantages and deeply jarring aspects of ttwd is how damn easy it is to feel completely crushed by the things He says. 

I'm getting dangerously close to whining. And I do so hate whining without humor.

Eh, who am I kidding, I passed under the whiny bridge several paragraphs ago.

Oh yea, while I'm on a roll here...Why in the hell doesn't anyone tell you how painful physical therapy is? It sounds all nice and benign. But it's painful as fuck. And not in a good way.

Rant over. If anyone finds my sense of humor (I suspect it's on the bottom of a shoe, probably my kid's, but who knows), please do return it. My sanity fares much better with a decent mental companion.


  1. well, I know you probably don't want to hear this...but you just made me laugh so you must still have tht sense of humour somewhere.

    love your take on life...

    take care x

  2. I don't think you were on the river rant...perhaps the bridge above it though. be well.

  3. Oh, I'm afraid I've had those days as well... at least you are in good company! I'm afraid to tell you that I, too, laughed... maybe your sense of humor is stuck under your own shoe! *giggling*

    I can most relate to the kid problems... augh!!! How can they suck so bad when we love them so much! I'll never get that! I know I didn't suck this bad when I was a kid...

    Anyway.. I digress... Hope life gets better!! xx

  4. Totally with ya.
    I hate when my evil twin takes charge.

  5. Oh do I know this feeling, I agree with the folks above though, you made me laugh. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. little one, actually I am glad you laughed. Making people laugh makes me happy. Sometimes it's kind of a way to get myself out of a slump--if I can put it out there in a way that makes someone smile it's easier to smile at it myself.

    tiffany, thank you.

    Sir J, thank you.

    Mikki, I have checked my shoe and did find some humor--right next to the kids tv privileges lol.
    And yea right?!! I would have never ever dared push it so far as a kid. I blame it on amenities like electricity and running water. Spoiled.

    Jz, I try to keep her tied up in the back room but occasionally she escapes lol.

    Kindred, it's rough sometimes isn't it.

    faerie, Glad I made you laugh. Knowing that makes it easier to laugh at it all myself.

  7. There is sonmething in the air with kids lately I swear...
    this too shall pass- hugs!!

  8. viemora, Maybe it's the moon or something? And I do hope it passes soon. I seem to have lost my voice lol. Literally.


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