Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear Lurkers

Rumor has it that today is love our lurkers day.
A day dedicated to those of you who stop by quietly on your internet travels and leave without a word.
I don't mind really. Because you are the majority of my readership and I used to be a silent visitor too.

But I must admit that I am a bit curious about you. Why you pass through so quietly leaving minimal footprints behind. With only my dashboard to tell me you were here at all.
And I wonder why you read here, what you think when you visit my crazy little corner. I wonder about the thoughts, ideas, and questions that I never see because you pass through so quietly.

When I started this blog, it never really occurred to me that people would actually read it lol. Somewhat to my amazement, you do. And I love the regular commenters who come by to point and laugh, offer kind words, ask questions, give me ideas, or just say hello.
But I love my lurkers too. And there's so many of you that I can't help but wonder about you just a bit.

So if you are one of those people who likes to visit quietly and go on your way without a word, do take a moment to say hello. I won't bite. Promise! After all, rumor has it that today is your day. So what better time than now to dip your toes in the water, stick your nose out of the closet, and delurk just enough to say hi. Or bye. Or anything else that tickles your fancy.

Me? I would just kind of like to know a bit about you--anything at all.
And I am 99.99% sure that your computer will not explode if you click the comments button and leave one of your very own.


  1. Ha! I so like your humour lil :) I have to say, I am a 'follower' now and I think you were the very first person to leave a welcome comment on my blog, I don't think I can tell you how much I appreciated that. It took me a little time to get used to being a blogger and I lost sight of your blog for a while in all my fumbling confusion...... but, I'd just like to say I really enjoy reading here :)

    Dee x

  2. I enjoy your blog too... its not been that long since I was a lurker myself!! Happy LOL day!

  3. Hi,

    I'm a regular visitor to your blog, and always enjoy your posts. Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.


  4. Happy LOL Day from a lurker. :)

  5. I am generally a lurker rather than a commenter, but after LOL day perhaps I should make more of an effort to add my two penn'orth.

  6. I don't lurk but I do like to share love!

  7. Hi lil, Dont mind me, I'm having a D'oh moment, I followed you back from my blog to find out who you were, you've left very kind comments. Surprise, I have lurked here for a long time. I love your writing and will try to stop being so shy.

  8. Thanks for your comment on our blog. This is our first visit, so technically we are not lurkers. But we are now following you, so it won't be our last visit!

  9. I don't always comment but I love your blog.

    Happy LOL Day!

    Take care. Sky

  10. I don't know if I'm a lurker, though I am a very infrequent commenter. I always love the way you seem to voice my thoughts so poetically. Thank you.

  11. Not a lurker. Love your blog! Happy LOL day!!!


  12. Happy LOL Day! We enjoy your blog... almost always leave with a smile.

    ~Todd and Suzy

  13. happy LOL..thanks for the continued interesting blog

    L x

  14. I don't generally comment because, simply, I lack time. I love your blog, and it's one of the few I always make sure to read first when I get a chance to breathe (which is when I catch up on all of my feeds), but I mean ... if I leave my feed reader alone for 24 hours, I'll get over a hundred new articles to read. And reading all of those takes time, as does thinking up and writing comments, and I have so much on my plate. My own blog doesn't get any love either, for much the same reason, although I hope to rectify that somewhat in the coming weeks.

    But rest assured, I'm not silent because I don't want to say anything. I wouldn't have nominated you for the best sex blog thingy if I hadn't read your posts and loved them. I wish I had more time, or less responsibilities, or didn't have to sleep. :)


  15. Dee, I'm glad you enjoy the blog.
    I always enjoy coming across a new blog and being one of the first to comment--I still remember mine and it's nice to welcome people out of the shadows.

    Sara, thank you.

    Mikki, thanks and glad you're not a lurker anymore!

    Hermione, thanks for de-lurking! And I have enjoyed lol. It's a neat concept and rather fun.

    Lil one, thank you.

    Mizri, thanks for de-lurking!

    Tame, feel free to comment anytime! I always appreciate it.

    Jz, thanks for sharing the love!

    faerie, well I'm happy to be rediscovered. I am happy to have discovered your blog and you are always more than welcome to comment here or send me an email.

    Jack and Jill, welcome to my crazy corner.

    Waves back at vixen as she breezes through.

    Sky, thank you. I always enjoy when you do comment.

    Anon, glad to be able to help put a voice to thoughts. You are quite welcome.

    Kelly, thank you and happy lol back at ya!

    Todd and Suzy, thanks for de-lurking and happy lol day.

    little one, thank you and you are quite welcome.

    acquiexence, thank you for taking the time to comment. I do appreciate it.

  16. lil,
    I noticed your blogspot as I was scanning gmail Reader. So I gave your link a try. I receive notices in gmail Reader by using certain keywords that I will not go into here or now. The LOL is very original. Unless I want to contribute and/or I am able to add an unique perspective; I usually lurk. If I notice your spot in Reader again I will probably re-visit.


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