Saturday, November 5, 2011

Search Results

 People will find a blog off the damnedest searches:

"and my brain"
Ummm....Glad to be of service?

"Free sex"
Hey, I never said sex was free!

And then there was "bull nose nipple clamps how to attach"
Eek. I sure hope they didn't take time out to go google that...

"Nose torture"
I can't decide if that's totally gross or just downright painful. I'm thinking both.

"Kink free sex"
Terribly sorry. I'm thinking they did not find what they were looking for?


  1. Somebody once found me from a search for "St. Augustine of Hippo"
    While I understand how that happened, I cannot help but feel grave remorse for the shock this person must have suffered...

  2. ok, i may just be a hopeless noob here, but how do you know what search terms people find you with? Do they leave comments? Is there a website? i'm dying, here!

  3. My latest, just today in fact, came from Australia, and was "burning man sluts", but I think the most disturbing might have been "orangutan sex".

  4. out of giggles seeing some of yours I had to go check mine, and uhm "word for unwanted creatures" and one that probably didn't lead to quite right blog "working a customer" :p

  5. now i'm off to do a search! after i pick myself up off the floor..

  6. Hey at least you lot had some variety. Every single search on the blog this week started with the word "anal" :(

  7. Wow. I had to check mine and they made me laugh as much as yours did. We had a few hilarious ones.. "freak spankings"(what are freak spankings??), "sorority spanking"(which i might add there is none of that going on at all), and "what is common bond for friends" (i dont even know where to begin on this one. im not even sure how common bond for friends would include the lifestyle)

  8. Jz, lmao. Did you say sorry?

    pepper, I'm not incredibly smooth with blogger lol, so there may be many ways that tell you a lot more, but I go to the dashboard or design, click "stats" then the "more" link by "traffic sources. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page it shows search keywords.
    Though I don't know how littlmonkey can tell what country the search came from.

    lm, orangutang sex?! LMAO. Someone should really put together a book of these things.

    ponderous pet, "working a customer" eh, you think they picked up any good tips? Lol.

    littleOne, oh do tell once you get up off the floor.

    Master's piece, Imagine that. I am so shocked! Lol.

    Lil one, Hmmm, well, it does cast a new light on having a common bond as friends. Maybe they found something that will assist their social lives lol.


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