Wednesday, November 16, 2011


"Am I in trouble?" Asked meekly from an ass up perspective of course. He chuckled, "No. You're not in trouble." Smack. "Your snarky snarkle button is broken." Did He really just say that?  "This isn't punishment." Smack. "I prefer to think of it as snark containment."

I still say that my snark button wasn't broken. In fact, it appears to have been working exceptionally well.


  1. perhaps it's stuck in the "on" position and he's trying to jostle it loose.


  2. Does it have settings? Is it stuck on high? mine is at times...but He's good at jogging it loose.


  3. perhaps you and he have slightly different understandings of what a working snark button is??

  4. Are you saying that one function of your snark button is to trigger Alpha's smack button? In that case, I'd agree that it's working as designed...

  5. Snark containment! Hahaha! Love it!! :)

  6. sfp, yes, there was definately jostling lol.

    pepper, I don't think it's stuck...Though it's possible one of the kids left a stick in it.

    gg, I think you have it there--I think working buttons are very easy to push. No effort required. He thinks you should have to push them very very hard to get a response.

    Jake, lol. Well if you look at it like that then I'm right--working perfectly!

    Dee, yes well, snark containment is always better when applied to someone elses ass lol.

  7. but is it contained in a bubble? ;)

  8. viemora, not any more--He popped it lol.


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