Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Physical Therapsit is a_______?

I go to her of my own free will
She proceeds to hurt me while I lay there and take it.
She talks me through it and makes me breath.
I thank her when she's done tormenting fixing me.
She hooks me up to some sort of medieval  torture electric shock device.
She tapes me up. Tape!
She puts ice on me. I absolutely hate cold of any kind!
She makes me do all kinds of things I don't want to do.
Then she gives me a long list of things I can't do.
She took away my pillow.
And to top it all off, she makes me sleep on the floor. The next day she asks me how I slept with a knowingly sympathetic smile and no intention of allowing me to return to my bed.

If you guessed


You win.
However, all awards must be self-supplied lol.


  1. Do we get to fill in the blank? Life saver? Consummate professional? really nice lady?

    Sounds like my kinda gig.

  2. lil I know how you feel!! They're just terrible! But they do wish you only to feel better and stay that way. It's just a painful process getting there.

    *lots of hugs*

  3. I've spent half my career working with therapists, they can be a sadistic lot. Hope the treatments are at least helping.

  4. Would it make it feel less "horrible" if she wasnt being paid to do this to you?

    And how can you sleep with no pillow?!?! That really is evil.


  5. gg, I think we could use all of your words along with mine, they aren't mutually exclusive right?
    In all fairness, it is helping and I am getting to know a pt who happens not to be the one helping me. She is a lovely lady who I have developed no small amount of respect for.
    And it is the perfect gig right? I should have gotten myself a career like that--sadist at work, masochist at home.

    cuddlykitten, very true. Thank you for the sweet thoughts.

    faerie, I knew I wasn't the only one who would come to this conclusion! Though yea lol, it is helping.

    OnlyHis, lol, interesting idea. Probably not. Though I might feel better if Alpha had come up with her orders.
    I don't miss the pillow as much as I miss sleeping on my stomach. And my bed, omg do I miss my bed!


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