Sunday, November 20, 2011

VBA--Apparently I don't play well with others

There appears to be something going around called the versatile bloggers award.
The rules:
You acknowledge the person who nominated you, say seven things about yourself, list 15 blogs that you yourself nominate, and contact them to let them know.

Now when pepper over at Tales of a Spicy slave was kind enough to nominate me for a vba, I decided to go cuddle with it under the couch and keep it to myself. Then I was browsing over at Deviant Rabbit and she had offered me one too. More came my way from sweet girl,  My submissive journey,Conina over at Exploring surrender, cuddlykitten from Finding Myself, Mikki of We're Making up for lost time, hidden slave a hidden slave, Composing us  Composing Us, and Evan An Awakening Dominant
I don't think all this shiny stuff is fitting under the couch anymore...So many thanks to all of the above who like or have somehow gained something from my writing.I truly do appreciate making it onto your lists.

At this point it's kind of rude to hide under the couch with it right? So, I will play but am gonna cop out on picking 15 blogs to nominate. If I read you--I like what you write. I get something from it or you make me laugh. Sometimes both. So thanks to the many who have given me insight, made me spit coffee all over my keyboard, and touched me in some way.

I will however go for the 7 things about me (gotta play a bit even if I can't seem to throw the ball lol). So I'll go for things that may not be known already.

1. I'm panicking just a teensy bit about turning 29 in a few months. Oh hush, I know it's silly. But there's always gonna be a beautiful blond 19 year old to hate right? And I do sometimes feel like my accomplishments to date are maybe not what they should have been.

2. I could survive just fine on my own in the woods but please don't leave me alone in a city. Mountains are what I know. It's just how I was raised.

3. I was molested as a kid and raped when I was a teenager. Scarred and damaged but no longer broken and bleeding.

4. I do not have multiple orgasms--I think three is my record. It's a bit of a sore spot for me.

5. I have a whorish weakness for the smell of sawdust and chainsaw gas on my Husband. What can I say lol.

6. I still fit into clothes I got when I was 17. Need something to feel better about growing up right.

7. When I started this blog, I didn't really think anyone would read it.

Thank you--to the people who read me, the ones who comment and those who pass by silently in the night. To those with questions who are brave enough to ask, and the ones bringing answers who are kind enough to share them.


  1. 29??? seriously I would never have guessed, you are wise beyond your years. Much later in life you realize a beautiful 19 yr old blonde is a child and beautiful 29 year old blonde is to be hated (not really so enjoy it)

  2. Being a little older, like almost 20 years older, let me assure you we women are like fine wine, we get better with age.

  3. i wouldn't have guessed so young either - an old soul i think...

    I agree with Sir J - i love your wisdom: down to earth, no BS, and very smart. And i absolutely love you writing!

  4. 29! hrrumph..see you on the flip side..and enjoy every moment..I think you do already

  5. Thank YOU, lil, for your humor and wisdom, both of which are appreciated! And btw, good to hear that sawdust and chainsaw gas make a find cologne...

  6. An old soul definitely, you have been here before, wise woman:) 29? lol

  7. You're dreading turning 29??? Save it for 39 lol, trust me :)

    Dee x

  8. So I'm guessing that if I want to be pelted with tomatoes, this is the place to come whine when 30 approaches? lol.

    Sir J, While I hate to admit it, I think I realized the 19 yr old blond is a child around 22 lol. And a blond 29 yr old I will never be.
    being wise beyond my years used to get me in trouble. Maybe it will serve me better now.

    faerie, I like the way you think. And I want to steal your theory.

    gg, thank you! That means a lot coming from you.

    little one, lol. Next time I want to complain about 29 I'll provide throwing tomatoes for all. And I do try to enjoy every minute. Death teaches us strange lessons.

    Jake, Oh yes, the best cologne ever. Though I'm not sure if it works the same on women who have never spent a winter in a wood-heated house without any wood lol.

    hs, wish I felt wise!

    Dee, alright, but it's gonna be a real whine binge to which I shall not bring tomatoes!

  9. lil, it's a fact not a theory, at 47 I know this and please, no need to steal I am more then willing to share.


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