Sunday, February 27, 2011

All okay

Last night, afterward (I'll let your imagination fill in the blanks. I have little doubt that whatever you come up with will be far more kinky lol), we were lying there in bed. I was feeling needy. The kind of needy where I wanted to be as close as possible without actually crawling into His skin. Alpha tucked my head into His shoulder and said "It's okay. Pleasure, pain, life, death--it's all okay." It was such a random statement. But somehow it was perfect. And I cried (yea, I'm a poster child for stability these days). And you know what? It really was all okay.


  1. Those little moments are what carry through everything else. I'm really glad he was able to reach you.

  2. what a lovely thing to say... and so perfectly comforting.

    you're a lucky girl :)


  3. What a beautiful statement! Those are the words we store away for when things just aren't quite right.

  4. Sounds very nice. I would've totally cried too.

  5. greengirl, I'm glad too. I'm not always easy to reach lol.
    kk, I am lucky. If I'm going to be a walking disaster, night as well be lucky in love lol.
    Aeon's Angel, it's good to have things like that stored away isn't it?
    K, I felt like it was kind of a silly and somewhat inexplicable reaction at the time lol. And I'm not sure it made sense, but I do always enjoy hearing sentiments similar to my own.


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