Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So I got my sidebar issue all straightened out (theoretically lol). I ditched the idea of having categories because, well, for something to fit into a category you have to define it. Give it a label and wrap it up with a pretty little bow on top. And who would go where? sfp and kelly--submissive sweethearts (thank you for being such a sweetheart btw sfp)? Kaya--wicked sense of humor and one or two steps from dude with a chainsaw? What about Masters piece and histora--humorous honeys with mildly repressed predatory tendencies...? And sin, fives steps from chainsaw guy and a great read? greengirl--sane and introspective reading for the newbie and beyond? The list goes on (see, it's over on the right lol).

Then, oh my, what box would I go in--the ramblings of an almost sane, sometimes humorous, nut/ soccer mom who happens to be submissive? The point is, that overall, even in daily life, categories are a flawed way of assessing the world. Categories don't work--because not everything fits in cute little boxes. They limit our perceptions and experience.

I get a lot of flack about "my little box of submission" (term coined courtesy of Alpha). That I don't like stepping outside my comfort zone of what I see submission to be. All I can say is, baby I'm trying and you know it shows. Right?

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  1. you're welcome

    just returning the support I get from all of ya'll



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