Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cocky versus arrogant

Alright, I wrote this post a while back and since I have nothing even remotely interesting to write about this morning, I'm posting it now. Then I can sit back and wait for the cocky and arrogant to drop by and tell me that I'm wrong lol.

So there's a big difference between cocky and arrogant right, because I can't stand cocky men and I married an arrogant one lol. I'm not going to the dictionary this morning because I'm being lazy so you all get my personal definitions. I will address them as male traits because that is the context in which I am thinking of them and they seem more predominant in the male character.
Cocky is the kid who thinks he's a man. He wants to be a bad ass and thinks he is but he really isn't. Full of himself, as opposed to sure of himself, he's the guy you want to take down a few notches and show that he really isn't everything he thinks. He has no real truth to base his overblown self image on because he's got nothing to back it up with. In D/s terms I think he would be the typical "kneel and worship your master slut" guy who claims to be lord of the Universe to every sub he comes in contact with and expects all who come to bow to his whims. Cocky can tell you what he wants, but is incapable of inspiring the need to obey. He needs other people to agree with him in order to validate who he is.
Arrogance is a bit more tricky. Often quite irritating, the arrogant man does have something to base his attitude on. He can back his opinions up and is more than happy to tell others why he is right. Usually quite intelligent, he will explain his point of view to death--just to make sure it's understood. He has faith that he is the best at whatever he does and strives to stay that way. He enjoys the challenge of interacting with others of the same ilk because it's a great opportunity to exercise his mental capabilities and prove that he's right. Of course, it's not a lasting interaction because they All know they are right. Arrogant wants others to agree with him (because after all, he's right isn't he), but doesn't need agreement to validate his stance. In the D/s world, he's the man that can prove himself worthy of your submission with painfully little effort. He inspires the desire to obey because he knows what he is talking about and is more than happy to back it up. He likes being right so much that he usually is.

So there's my definition of cocky versus arrogant. Because I hate cocky men and I'm still adjusting to life with an arrogant one. Maybe I should check to see if my dictionary has gone up in flames yet.


  1. Well, I do try to well define the things I find most difficult to swallow lol.

  2. You've put to words something I've felt for awhile, but wasn't able to really write about.

    This will definitely be in the back of my mind when I'm interacting with people, especially those Doms that think they rule the world, but really know nothing!

  3. Lea,
    I'm glad it makes sense. Sometimes I have very clear thoughts that do not translate well into the written word lol.


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