Thursday, February 3, 2011


I hate being cold. I hate it so much that when asked to come up with my own punishment (okay, so I offered having an early bedtime first, but that's like a fantasy around here so Alpha just laughed at me), everything I could think of involved cold. I don't "do" cold. It's -36 F. It does not get that cold here. Ever. I don't know how sin (finding my submission, over on the right>>>) does it. My house is a whopping 90 degrees warmer than outside. Which sounds good...Have I mentioned, I hate being cold?


  1. We keep our house at 62 degrees, lol. I hate extremes in temperature but I love a regular cool temperature. Removal of privileges is my hardest punishments.

  2. I think that any temperature within the wide range of 70-75 is perfection. Of course, my house is never that temperature lol.

  3. Sin doesn't go outside. That's how.

  4. My hell that's cold! That's colder than where I am. Where are you, the artic tundra?

    1. s.t,
      lol--it felt like it for a while there. That was actually a record cold week. It was pretty awful.


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