Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kitchen utensils and letting go

What is the appeal with kitchen utensils? They aren't sexy, they look inconspicuous and completely not dangerous. But they are vicious little instruments. It's goodbye metal spoon, hello cheese grater. Fucking cheese grater! I always knew I hated that thing, just not how much lol.

We were lying in bed afterwords and I asked Alpha why He thought I had never used my safe word. He said it's because He knows my breaking point better than I do and stops just short of there. Thinking about it, He's right. There have been many times when I was literally taking a breath to scream it out and...He stopped.
I admitted to Him that I requested a safe word in the beginning because it would give me the freedom to use words like "stop" and "no" without Him feeling obliged to reassess what He was doing and honor them.
He has asserted the idea before that I not have a safe word.
So last night
I gave up my safe word. For good.


  1. I tried to explain to Master the concept of safeword and he sort of snorted. The one time I said it, yelled literally "safe word" "safe word" he replied that I was just fine and kept right on going. And you know, him telling me that I was fine sort of made it true.

  2. xantu, I have to say, it's very simple, but I love this comment. You have inspired my next real post (which means I get to cook the idea until Saturday lol).


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