Friday, February 11, 2011

Family shit--nothing interesting here

 This is one of those posts where I direct my readers to all those far more interesting blogs listed over there on the right. Disclaimer duly written and posted lol.

I stopped by to see my mom yesterday. I was about halfway through my shift and totally dragging ass after having worked it off all day (now only if it would return to it's pre-child positioning...) She wasn't doing good. Which is okay, I don't expect her to be on top of the world. She's alone for the first time in thirty years. It has to be really rough. Anyways, I wasn't functioning at top efficiency and I said something that was designed to make her a little bit happy, but it got a response I was not prepared for. I said "Alpha says He's going to try and get the business back together and I'm going back to school." Now, if D/s isn't your thing, you will interpret that sentence to mean "Alpha's trying to get the business back together and that means I can go back to school." But that's not how she took it. Her response was a despondent "we just need them to tell us what to do." Honestly, I just sat there and sucked on my cigarette while trying to crawl into my coffee cup. I had nothing to say. I couldn't make it better. I couldn't define for her that she had spent the last half of her life in a D/s relationship. I couldn't tell her she was wrong because she wasn't. I had nothing, nada, zip, zilch.

And now I'll do my morning rounds of all those blogs I enjoy reading, and get my shit together for work. With any luck, I may actually have something interesting to say tomorrow lol.


  1. I hate it when I have nothing good to say about my sub situation. It happens all to often. I will however browse the other blogs on the right lol. Thank you for leaving your comment, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I hope to get better at writing what others may be interested in and yours is a very nice model. Great work :)

  2. Welcome to my little corner and thank you Naida.


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