Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Can I get you anything else Sir?"

I was sweet and pleasant all day yesterday. Translation: I was snarky, out of sorts, and prone to bitching. My mom had offered to watch the boys (it's been about six months since we had a night to ourselves), we were running late to drop them off because Alpha had been trying to figure out what's wrong with my car, and the big boy had been an absolute monster complete, complete with horns and cloven hooves, all day. So naturally, since I was in such an acquiescing and loving mood, I was absolutely thrilled when we got to my moms house and Alpha took off to the mechanics in order to bolt parts back on my car. Then of course we argued in the driveway about my attitude and what we were going to do with twenty four hours to ourselves. By the time we got to the restaurant (twenty minutes before they opened), I was in a completely foul mood and He was totally fed up with it. Now, He could have stopped it hours ago with a little initiative by putting me in my place (please note my skilled ability at displacing all blame here), but He let me keep sinking into bitch zone. Of course, being twenty minutes early to the restaurant, and not having small children bouncing around the car, gave Him ample opportunity to return the favors I had happily been handing out all afternoon. Someone once said that necessity was the mother of invention. I would plead the case that it's evil, not necessity. He whipped me with the freakin cell phone charger. I took it gracefully in stride by pointing out that I wanted to choke Him with it and didn't need to count the blows. Twenty minutes can be a very long time. All I'll say is, I did not choke Him with it, I did count (rather loudly), and when we went in to eat, our wide eyed waitress was a woman I had psych class with a few years ago (she was as bad a waitress as teammate. No grudges here). Of course lol, she was not an issue. Now the cute little thing who wasn't old enough to serve alcohol with an ass Alpha was more than happy to inspect? Completely different story. "Can I get you anything else Sir?" Hmmmm, "no He's good but I'll take your head on a platter with a side of psychotic bitch please and thank you." Gimme some credit, I didn't say it out loud. No jealousy issues here.

It's a typical reaction from women. They drop their eyes, lower their voices, and politely "Can I do anything for you Sir?" Until I'm blue in the face and He's grinning at me without even bothering to fake shame. I think that jealousy is my single largest issue when it comes to being a submissive.

Anyways, it was all good. We came home, watched porn and fucked on the couch. I slept until 10:00. It was a miracle. I can't remember the last time I slept that late.
So all in all, despite it's ups and downs, yesterday was a very good day.

Love is good lol.


  1. Oh I laugh when I read you're writing. You and I think an awful lot alike :D Glad you got some sleep, kids are good at wrecking that aren't they.

  2. Well, I try to keep a sense of humor. And yes, uninterrupted sleep is now an event of fantasy lol.


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