Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rabid bitch

 I suggest scrolling down a couple of posts or visiting the people over on the right to avoid random whining that may have taken over during the last couple of days lol.

I'm feeling a bit sad and angry. And quiet. Never a good combination. The quiet feeling means that I'm one step away from rabid bitch who eats children and other small animals. You know, the crazy woman down the road standing in her yard screaming and demolishing furniture bigger than she is? Yup, that's me (almost there lol).

On another note, still following the bitch vein of yesterday, I got my boss his precious air horn. It's for a boat. A forty foot boat to be exact. It will be very loud in a 15x15' room with a closed door, used by someone whos' afraid of loud noises (what's the technical term for that?). I assured the other attendant that it will only be used once. I'm fairly confidant of that lol.

All the shit aside, Alpha is off skiing today so I'm home alone which is pretty rare these days. I figure I'll clean up the house, make a super yummy dinner, and find my way to a much needed shower. Those are actually some of the things I miss most about not working--Those are the services I'm best at and I miss seeing Him stumble in and compliment the clean house while stuffing His face with good food He didn't have to make. Hey, we have already clearly established that I am Not a service oriented person so take what you can get lol.


  1. So you live down the street from me? I'm sorry, I'll try to be quieter next time I rampage...

    LOL! I love you, Lil! You crack me up, make me cry, and make me think.

  2. You're supposed to feed them? Scampers off to find a pantry...

  3. Kelly,
    lol, no need to keep it quiet. I'm sure you will be able to enjoy the sounds of my rabidness even through your own rampage. Hope I make you laugh more than cry!

    Master's piece, well, I don't know if you are Supposed to feed them, but I have found that He chews on me a bit less when well fed.

  4. lil,

    There's something in the air.


  5. mouse, ooh, you know things are bad when it gets into the air. Kind of funny that you commented on this post because I almost referred people straight to your blog when I gave out my bitching disclaimer because, well, it's the most bitch and whine free zone I know of lol.

  6. I personally hate cooking. I always say "I'm a good cook but not a happy cook!"

    Hope all goes smoothly..


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