Tuesday, February 8, 2011

son number one

This time eight years ago, I was sure I was dying. I was about 15 hours into what would be a 36 hour long labor (when I got pregnant with number two, they said it would go faster. They lied). I had spent my pregnancy fearing the end of the process. Nobody told me what an everliving bitch contractions are--I seriously wished a three day labor on my midwife. When she had her own it took her all of four hours. Bitch could have repopulated the planet in the time it took me to get out two.
So tomorrow, son number one will be eight whole years old. How in the hell did that happen? I have this feeling that when eighteen rolls around, I will be saying the same thing lol.


  1. "How in the hell did that happen? I have this feeling that when eighteen rolls around, I will be saying the same thing lol."

    LOL - you will! My eldest is 26 and I say it every damn year!

  2. My midwife never did have any kids - go figure!?
    Congrats btw.

  3. My son #1 is 31. Time flies, no matter how we try to hold it back. Enjoy them while you got'm.

  4. Mine are 27, 24, and 9. They had to cut the first one out after three days.I had a zipper put in for the rest...Blink, and you'll be a grandma. Yes, it really goes that fast.

  5. Lol shapeshifter, so it's one of those things that gets worse not better haha.

    greengirl--thanks for the congrats. He made it to eight and I didn't screw him up...to badly...yet. Lol.

    xantu, I'm trying because I know it will be over in a blink.

    kelly, I always thought that would be the worst of both worlds--to endure labor for that long then end up on the table anyways. That had to be incredibly rough. Umm, I'm not ready for the grandma concept yet.
    The joy of having a birthday close to your child's is a bit questionable lol.

  6. Happy Birthday to your boy. Our first took 18 hours and the second 90 minutes and to this day she says the 2nd was much worse. For what it's worth (I am a guy and thankfully have no real comment).

  7. Thank you Sir J.
    Lol, when my boys were born I was kind of happy that they would never have to go through childbirth.

  8. 36 hours of labor is insane! 12 hours after my water broke and I was still only at a 6, I had a c-section. Ya, recovery was harder (I had a planned c-section with my next 2 and recovery was MUCH better) but I can't imagine 36 hours of contraction. Wow! You're amazing!

    1. st,
      I thought it was insane too lol.
      They said the second one would go faster, but he took nearly twice as long. They lieddddddd!


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