Thursday, January 27, 2011


I had one of those days at work where I had a pile of irritating passive aggressive sticky notes to direct my day (seriously, I used to think that post-its were cool, now I now they were invented purely for evil purposes). On my way home I drank an excessive amount of gas station cappuccino tempered with half and half. Ugh. It made me feel like I had eaten a stick of butter. When I got home, Alpha was passed out on the couch and the boys were watching a movie. Sent the big boy to bed. Waited for the little one to pass out. Woke Alpha up and stumbled to bed. That's when it all went downhill. On His way through the kitchen, He noticed that I had not eaten dinner. I feel compelled to point out that He was exceptionally graceless and rude about it. And me, for once, being sweet and apologetic which was greeted with a plethora of "whatevers" from Him. He was pissed. I got (silently) pissed. He went to sleep deliberately insuring that no part of Him was touching me at all. Oh good times for all.
This morning I got a short, much less cranky, reading of the riot act for not eating. I'm in trouble. And getting kicked out of the "bubble" is so much worse than any other form of punishment. In the end, I know It's just one of His ways of looking out for me. And I suck at taking care of myself which was going to be a big part of a much less angsty post for today but it will have to wait until Saturday.


  1. So - he loves you, huh? Thats a good thing . That is the worst punishment. Funny that it used to make me pissed, now it makes me sorry. Just one more shift.

  2. Oh - I'm sorry you're having a rough day. It always seems like there's a tipping point with bad things, and once a couple have happened the rest avalanche down onto you. But it happens that way with good days too, I think. Perhaps tomorrow will be one.


  3. greengirl, Yea, He loves me. Love hurts lol. It's amazing how things that used to make me throw tantrums just make me cry now lol. Shifts are good but hard to adjust to.
    J, Yea, the avalanche seems like a crazy inevitability. I'm to busy to be pissy tomorrow, so things may be looking up lol.

  4. I'm grateful to read posts like these. Stuff like this is so much more real than just looking stuff up in a book. This is more about what a real relationship is like, with it's ups and downs, instead of just including the ups.

    Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Yea, I don't think they put shit like this in the books lol. But it's part of life and no matter what kind of relationship you have, reality is reality and we have to function within it.


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