Thursday, January 20, 2011

The problem is...

The problem with working closely with someone who is bipolar is that it makes a person feel a bit bipolar themselves. For a while, I was ready to quit my job. Tell the boss to shove his anal retentive issues and find someone else to put up with his shit. But we need my job. So I stayed. Then he had an upswing. Fine to work with, fairly layed back, kind of witty. All good. So I stopped looking for another job. Now he's going into a downswing and I hate my job again. Good times lol.
Anyways, I have what I consider to be much more interesting things on my mind but not enough time to give them the attention they deserve. As I'm off to my wonderful and totally enjoyable, well-paying job. Is sarcasm dripping off the computer screen yet?


  1. As a bipolar person, I know this cannot be an easy situation for you at all. Are you looking for another job or will you stick with this one?

  2. I'm looking but I will probably stick with this one.It's not easy to find jobs that pay decent around here.


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