Saturday, January 22, 2011

I've been told

I've been told that I have a new best friend. She's common, shiny, and deceptively innocuous. Why, why do my kids lose the plastic spatulas, break the wooden spoons (okay, so wooden spoons are not to be underestimated, but still), and leave all variety of dishes outside for the dogs, yet they cannot manage to lose one simple metal slotted spoon?? I knew I didn't want anymore friends. They always hurt you one way or another lol.


  1. I'm sure that given the right motivation the kids can "lose" this one as well

    just saying

    who's word is he going to trust more -- you? or a kid?



  2. lol, the problem is, they aren't allowed to play with it since the little one whacked his brother in the head (should have thought of that while I was bemoaning the fact that they haven't lost it lol)...And it would have to be an honest "losing" without my knowledge or encouragement. I'm afraid the spoon is here to stay.


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