Friday, January 14, 2011

How hard can it be??

Okay, so by this point I have blogger figured out fairly well. But when it comes to navigating wordpress blogs, totally lost. I really enjoy reading Under His Hand, but no followers option. Alright, subscribe to feed, I'm a big girl I can do it. Uhhhh, where the fuck is it and what in god's name is an igoogle page?? Apparently I have one and that's what I subscribed with...? but it seems pretty useless and I have no idea how to get back to it. So I subscribed with the blog. And what's the difference between that and listing it with the other blogs?? All rhetorical questions reminding me faintly of my mother's phone call the other night. Her: "I clicked save and everything disappeared, then when it opened back up it asked me if I wanted to save it but I already had and so I didn't and now where's the folder and what happened??" Me: well mom, without looking at it I don't know where the folder is and I'm thinking since you didn't save it it's probably gone. Did you do a search?" yea, we went on like that until I gave up lol. I like to think I'm slightly more computer literate than her...

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