Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bitch and moan...

Here i go with more completely random shit...
First off, I put a few days into picking Alpha as a nickname, I was bored with "M" to generic, no character, etc. So I'm thinking, okay that's a great choice for Him. Haven't I seen it on someone else's blog though? So I look carefully through the blogs I read. Nope, not there. My idea is original. So, I tell Him that's what I chose, He says He was going to suggest it. Great. I change the nick on His id, etc.Then I go to a blog that's not on my list. And what do you know...There it is. It seems like it's probably got a pretty sad background. And it's on a blog that's been up since before I even read blogs. Well shit lol. I'm not changing it but geez, with so many people and ideas in the world it's amazing they aren't all used up yet.

I'm so freakin tired of being sick. It settled in instantaneously last night--swollen lymph nodes, migraine, all that shit that's a really good time. I'm gonna haul my ass to work, fake health, and try not to breath on anyone. Ooh la la, isn't life exciting lol.


  1. I am sorry you are sick and hope you are feeling well soon. You are correct several before you have used Alpha to describe their Dominant however it is different and totally original when you do because you describe your Alpha and tell your story not their's. That is the difference that has reading.

  2. I hope I feel better soon too lol.
    As for the name, I hadn't really thought about it like that. Makes sense though.


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