Sunday, January 2, 2011


Bring me up short
make me...
take a moment
breathe a breath
climb inside my head
hear the words unsaid.

i know i'm fighting you
yet i don't know why.
i love you
i need you
to whip me until i cry
to erase all else from my mind
take another step into the abyss.

Is it blind faith that leads us along,
is it dreams that make us strong?

Don't bitch and snap at me
take a moment
make me
bring this vicious little circle to a halt
help me go
to that place where nothing exists
except for you
and me
that place where you become a part of me
and i live only for you.
Sometimes i run and hide
from the things inside those doors you opened in my mind.

Last night i curled up to your back
and i cried because i realized that 
i truly do live for you and i never want to lose you.
Every adult experience i have had,
every dream i can conceive of,
every moment of my life
is what it is because i am your wife

You are my strength
my dreams
my peace.
Somewhere along the way
you became my reason for being.
Here's to a new year.
i love you Master.


Play nice.