Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some clarification

i got a special request for some clarification. So here's Your clarification Baby.
He said something about training that started before either of us was conscious of it or had a concept of what was happening. Then He leaned over me and stated firmly in that slightly irritated commanding tone, "if you're going to post things on your blog like I've been training you since you were fifteen, you should makes some clarifications." All this time and He's never once requested anything about the blog so i guess it's only fair lol. i grinned at Him, "sounded bad didn't it. What would you like me to clarify baby?" I got the raised eyebrow "for starters, the fact that you came after Me." my not so solemn reply was "and?" "And I gave you many opportunities to run away. Sometimes you did."

Yes, in the interests of clarification, i wanted Him bad. i knew the six year age gap was a big issue for Him so i asked Him if He was going to let it get in the way. Lucky me, He decided not to. As for opportunities to run off and ones taken...Yes, i ran too. After i got Him, i had no clue what to do with Him. But i always ran back. And He let me.

In the beginning we were what i would call mostly vanilla. me to young and deeply scarred to admit to or realize anything else, and Him just...Himself. A Dominant character yet soft and with no idea of what a Dominant was or that there was such a thing as training another human being. i suppose that being the one with an understanding of how the real world worked, He was always Dominant in some respects. But i think the whole concept of what happened in all those years before we discovered D/s is that He molded me quite a bit simply because He was such a huge part of my growth into an adult. i mean, He even taught me how to drive lol.

my Love, my darling Master and Husband, if you want the world to have more clarification than that, would you be kind enough to leave a comment and save me a lot of stumbling around? And pretty please be sure to use Your own id. For clarification and all...
Lol. i love you. If you decide to beat me can it be for mutual pleasure?

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