Friday, January 14, 2011

Fact and fantasy

Okay, so I read a post this morning that got me to thinking about things other than bitching. Yay lol. Nilla did a post  (ooh see, I made a link this time) about why rape fantasies are a turn on. That's actually something I have thought about a lot because I have conflicting emotions about the topic. I have grown enough to accept that I'm a twisted slut but not quite enough to really be comfortable with all the aspects of it. One of those aspects is my fascination with rape fantasies. It was really hard to admit I had them at all. In fact, I resorted to my blog as a way of telling Alpha about them. While He happily decided to fulfill the fantasy, I think that overall He has some reservations about exploring the concept more deeply. When you have actually experienced rape, weird things happen at odd times. For the most part I'm fine. Occasionally, the random, innocuous little event happens, that funky switch flips, and suddenly things aren't okay. So when it comes right down to it, Alpha is afraid of breaking me (yes, Dominants are human too. For the most part lol). I don't know where the line is so I rely on Him to walk it. I would be a terrible Dominant lol.

So, my  question to is this: why are rape fantasies a turn on if you know from personal experience how awful the real thing is?


  1. in general rape fantasies are about being taken and dominated by a power greater than yourself that just must have you. It is as much about the perpetrator (Alpha) not being able to help himself and wanting you so much he just takes you. As fantasies go this is powerful stuff it however fantasy.

    No different really than a fantasy that you can fly, however we all know that stepping off an 80 story building will not go well no matter how good the fantasy is. Rape is a crime that has nothing in common with the fantasy other than the name.

  2. An insightful perspective Sir J.


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