Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sex, coffee, and chocolate

I think my post about morning sex came off maybe too "I chose," lol.
Since everything started out with the dratted spoon, I didn't really expect things to take the turn they did. On a happy note, Alpha has decided that He doesn't like the spoon all that much. It's a pity there's so many worthy substitutes in the kitchen, and the closet, and the yard...
Anyways, He dragged me to the bedroom by my hair (that's when I am most accommodating I guess. I'm attached to it you know and I am not a fan of premature balding), After the spoon became well acquainted with my ass and I lost count once, uhh, maybe twice? Oops. He kept me on my knees and pulled my ass over to the edge of the bed. When I heard his buckle rattling I thought the belt was destined for my ass. But no, sometimes it is actually used for its original purpose--to hold pants up. It was one of those fucks that's rough, and a little bit brutal. The kind that hurts but is a turn on just because you're being used. He grabbed me by the hair (see a reoccurring theme here? I'm gonna need a wig by forty), pulled my head back, and stated in no uncertain terms that He decides when I fuck. Who I fuck. Who He fucks. Then He asked me if I wanted to cum. Well, yea, but I wasn't really trying to get there because I was pretty sure it wasn't in the cards. Those "I'm taking you now for MY pleasure because I own you" fucks usually end with just one of us cumming and it's not me lol. Maybe He just likes to keep me on my toes. He doesn't like being predictable.
That's one thing I really do miss about bk (before kids)--spontaneity. I'm not a very spontaneous person but He is. There were times He would call me up from work, say He was leaving early and we were going to a concert or something (in the interests of making memories smoother than they really were I tend to avoid mentioning that those were usually the times I couldn't find my id, or my shoes, or my mind lol). When you have a 2 year old and a 7 year old, stuff like that becomes a lot more rare. I think our next outing will probably be to a play party but the way things are looking that won't be for a while.
I'm going to have one more cup of coffee. Well, maybe two or three. And I'll grade the kid's math. Then I shall dive into the experiment that is chocolate truffles. I searched and searched through recipes and finally settled on what I think will be a scrumptious one. Given the copious amounts of chocolate and butter called for, they better damn well be good.

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