Saturday, January 22, 2011

He said she said

Me: "why are you so mean?"
Him: "Why do you have to run away, why are you so obstinate, how come you disobey, why can't you just Be? Remember, you only get one question. I get them all."
It's an unfair policy. But He doesn't feel it's necessary to be fair. Only "just." Does being able to ask all the questions still count if the one being asked doesn't have the answers?


  1. Haha, these thoughts are in my mind at the moment too. How's the party planning going?

  2. Party planning is a real bitch when you live 200 miles away from cities. And babysitting, well it's in a planning category all on its own. So I have found some possibilities, but no one is rushing to watch my little monsters, so we will see lol.


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