Friday, January 14, 2011

A little bit of a rant...

Ooh la la, all I had to to was bitch and moan enough and someone answered their phone. I needed the hours but I doubt the $80 I was going to make would come anywhere near covering the mental and physical health care I may have required by going in lol. I feel pretty good about surviving the day now. Not looking so hopeful for the kids but you know, someone has to sacrifice lol. For once it might as well not be me.

I was thinking yesterday, about how I tend to really not like people in general. The feeling seems to be mutual lol. Especially with women. It doesn't help that it's usually the psychotic ones who want to be friends just so they can get the knife closer to my back. A little bit of crazy is fine, I can get along with that. But damn, some people just take it to unnecessary heights. In the interests of fairness, I have been told that I'm not the easiest person to get along with. I have a rather dry and sarcastic sense of humor that most people (women in particular) interpret in ways completely opposite of how it was meant.
Really though, is it that difficult to find friends who don't think loyalty and truth are concepts only applicable in imagination? I'm going on 28 years old and much through choice, I don't really have friends. Though there are times when I miss those interactions greatly. From past experience I can say that we arrive at some pretty basic human differences right off the bat. For one, I don't enjoy the company of doormats. Yet all the "strong women" I have met were on some kind of "pussy power" kick and (though never actually admitting it), had issues with Alpha and the little parts of our dynamic that are obvious (but geez, is it really a big deal to make a freakin cup of coffee when your husband asks?). And well, if someone has a problem with Him, they have a problem with me. So that shit just never works.
I guess this is coming to mind today because my last "friendship" is still biting us in the ass financially. While she wasn't the person directly attributable for Alpha not getting paid for the job He did in July, she was clearly the one who incited the disintegration of the business arrangement. Which brings me to my biggest problem with the female species in general (in all fairness, I know that there are probably plenty of women in the world who don't fit into this category, they just don't appear live in my corner of planet earth): Backstabbing bullshit. I mean, what's wrong with just opening your mouth and saying straight up to someone's face "I have a problem with you"??? Then from there you either work out your shit, or move on and get over it (yes, I'm obviously having a hard time getting over it lol).

Feeling like crap obviously makes me pissy lol. But isn't bitching better than whining...maybe?


  1. I have read some of your other posts where you have talked about this friend (or lack thereof) thing. I have to say that I usually feel the same way about women. I do have a couple of good friends that I have been friends with for a while. They haven't fucked me over, yet. So my point is to all of this is this: can you relocate here so we can be friends? I think we'd get along just fine.

    1. s.t,
      women are funny critters...
      I tried to leave the valley once...Got all packed up and the move fell through. So leaving just never seems to work out for me lol.


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