Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have never been the one to be needy for sex. Why would I, Alpha is always hot to trot so to speak. It's more like me stumbling home from work, crawling in bed and whining "no, I need my beauty rest. Who do you think you are?" Oh yea...that's right. He thinks it's funny too so chuckle away. I have even been known to go so far as "fuck off!" which He likes to call having diarrhea of the mouth. The statement is met with varying responses ranging from a look to THE look, not being acknowledged at all, or me dangling gracelessly in a desperate attempt to get my toes to reach the floor while He holds me up by the throat and asks me if I have anything else to say. Well, I would if I could breath, that's just not a fair question in those situations. Anyways, back on point.
Last night He passed out at 8:00. Me thinking it's my last day off, He'll be off skiing this weekend, Something was supposed to happen tonight. And there He is snoring. What the fuck is that? So I wake Him up and into bed we go. He commences His previous activity--snoring attractively. Hmm. See, I have issues (yea yea, it's obvious I know. Don't rub it in. You have issues too), I don't actively seek sex. If I do, that means that I asked for whatever happens to me and there's no blaming it all on Him and denying my part. So I tried a bit, not super hard I'll admit, but much to my dismay He wasn't going to wake up. And if I tried super hard and obvious like, my safety of denial was going straight out the window. Finally I said those words that are absolutely banned--I'm going to take care of myself. Holy hell on wheels! He responded as if He had not been snoring loudly two seconds before. I don't even remember exactly what He said, something along the lines of like hell you are and what the fuck do you think you're saying. Not many rules, but making myself cum? An absolute crime in His book. At one point (of course when I was begging to cum), He suggested the possibility of fucking my face and actually allowing me to take care of myself (I'm getting fucked and staring a beautiful orgasm in the face, I really don't want to masturbate any more). Luckily for me, He wasn't as awake as He sounded so His devious brain was not operating at top efficiency and He settled for letting me have that heavenly orgasm then sucking Him off. Stepping out of denial might not be so over rated after all.

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